Auto repair facilities are considered an essential business.

Euro Spec Motoring is OPEN during the Coronavirus crisis.

We want all our customers to stay safe, stay healthy, and let us know if you need something done on your car. Were healthy and ready to work.

Euro Spec Motoring is offering COVID-19 “service from home" maintenance specials! To help keep our economy rolling through these hard times, Euro Spec Motoring would like to announce that we are offering free pick up and drop off of your vehicle for any scheduled service/maintenance or brake service.

We currently are sanitizing every car we work on with Purell Professional Surface Disinfectant. It won’t harm your paint or interior but is EPA approved for killing Coronavirus and other germs.

We have also stocked special cabin air filters that have a biofunctional layer which traps almost 100% of allergens, reduces the growth of molds and bacteria by more than 98% and blocks particulate matter almost completely.

Feel free to use this time you have to get your maintenance taken care of without ever leaving the house!

Keep your car healthy, keep yourself healthy and keep on keepin’ on. Hopefully life will be back to normal soon!

COVID-19 Quarantine - WE ARE OPEN!Click Here to Read More